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It all started when… October 2, 2014

The story of Bracket began a normal day at iDeal Development’s office in Aarhus, Denmark. We normally develop mobile apps and everyday we come to work, we have to put the same five cables in our computers. It’s the same story when we have been to a meeting and come back to our desks. And so it goes on several times a day all week long.

We know…it’s not the world’s biggest problem, but still it irritates us a little bit everyday. So much that we started searching for solutions that could help us out and make our cable plugging easier and quicker.

We found several products but they were either extremely expensive or complicated. All that we needed was a simple system that could hold on to our cables so they would stay in place and have the accurate spacing between them. In that way we would be able to plug in all of our cables in just one plug. And that was the ideas that formed the foundation for Bracket.

The first prototype we did was in plastic, but it was good enough for testing and to our joy we could see that the concept worked. We were on to something good…

We as app designers really like good, clean looking and minimalistic design and therefore we wanted the Bracket to, not just be functional, but also nice looking. So we went on putting a lot of thought and work into the design and material. And that’s how we ended up with the aluminum prototype that we have today.

Although we think that the current Bracket looks great, we continuously strive to perfect the design. As a matter of fact – in this very moment – we are expecting the fourth prototype to arrive, and we are as exited as ever to see how the small changes affects the overall look of the Bracket!


Bracket prototypes


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