Reflections, thoughts and everyday stories from the Kickstarter journey of Project Bracket

#4 You need to listen November 11, 2014

… to your heart. But more importantly to all the feedback and the great ideas you get from people while your campaign is running.

We got a lot of feedback about the missing support for Thunderbolt AND we could see the problem. Therefore we’ve been working pretty hard this weekend to find a solution. The result: Bracket now supports Thunderbolt! Se how the solution looks below and read about how it works here.

Furthermore we received an email the other day from a guy who had noticed that the first Bracket prototype was 3D printed in plastic. He suggested that we released the 3D drawings so people could have the opportunity to print a Bracket themselves. Great idea! You can now download the drawings at the bottom of our website here.

Thunderbolt support

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COUNTDOWN… October 30, 2014



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#3 Kickstarter video themes October 17, 2014

In this week we started shooting our Kickstarter video. Before that, we spend a lot of time trying to figure out what we wanted to tell with our movie. Instead of focusing on profit (like commercials), we decided using the video to do just three things: Letting people get to know us, explaining our idea and product and finally showing what value you get, when you own a Bracket.



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#2 User Involvement rocks October 14, 2014

Last week we made a voxpop, asking our followers on Facebook whether or not, they preferred Bracket with round og square corners. A lot of people responded and we are so grateful, that people want to invest their time and thoughts with us. It gave us a lot of insight and its definitely not the last time, will be using YOU in our project. And btw round corners won – big time!



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#1 You are your project October 8, 2014

It’s already time to share our first learning experience on our Kickstarter journey. We cannot outsource any assignments that has to do with Project Bracket. We, the founders, need to have a saying in every aspect from choosing the best type of aluminium, to the wording in a press release. It’s hard work, but necessary when you want to use Kickstarter. Your brand will be streamlined and your brand will be YOU. As a backer, you want to feel the creator being passionate about the product and you want to feel that the creator is personally committed to the product – before you will commit yourself through backing.




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It all started when… October 2, 2014

The story of Bracket began a normal day at iDeal Development’s office in Aarhus, Denmark. We normally develop mobile apps and everyday we come to work, we have to put the same five cables in our computers. It’s the same story when we have been to a meeting and come back to our desks. And so it goes on several times a day all week long.

We know…it’s not the world’s biggest problem, but still it irritates us a little bit everyday. So much that we started searching for solutions that could help us out and make our cable plugging easier and quicker.

We found several products but they were either extremely expensive or complicated. All that we needed was a simple system that could hold on to our cables so they would stay in place and have the accurate spacing between them. In that way we would be able to plug in all of our cables in just one plug. And that was the ideas that formed the foundation for Bracket.

The first prototype we did was in plastic, but it was good enough for testing and to our joy we could see that the concept worked. We were on to something good…

We as app designers really like good, clean looking and minimalistic design and therefore we wanted the Bracket to, not just be functional, but also nice looking. So we went on putting a lot of thought and work into the design and material. And that’s how we ended up with the aluminum prototype that we have today.

Although we think that the current Bracket looks great, we continuously strive to perfect the design. As a matter of fact – in this very moment – we are expecting the fourth prototype to arrive, and we are as exited as ever to see how the small changes affects the overall look of the Bracket!


Bracket prototypes


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Hi, and welcome to our Blog! September 30, 2014

To put it briefly (as we all know you should in blogposts) Bracket is a simple, functional and clean looking high quality accessorie, that helps keeping your Macbook Pro cables organised. A well-designed product that simply makes your everyday life a little bit easier.

We strongly believe that there are more people out there like us, who would like to save the time and frustration of entangled cables when they are plugging their 4-5 cables into their Macbook Pro everyday – maybe several times a day. Therefore we decided to do a Kickstarter campaign with the purpose of putting Bracket into production. And voilá – Project Bracket was a reality.

The purpose of this blog is to have a place to reflect and tell others about our experiences through our Kickstarter journey. As some of you may know Kickstarter is going to open for Danish submissions in October which most likely will lead to a lot more Danish Kickstarter campaigns in the future. And why not share our experiences, successes and challenges so others can benefit and learn from them?

Bracket prototype

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