Solving an important first world problem

Meet Bracket!

Bracket is a minimalistic designed high quality accessory that keeps your Macbook Pro cables fixed and organised. The simple functionality ensures accurate positions and stability and enables you to plug in all of your cables in just one-plug. Because we want to make cable plugging easier and because simple works!

Because plugging cables sucks

Simply place your cables in the open Bracket and close it. The Bracket is secured with a fast release screw, you can tighten with a coin. It's that easy!

The Kickstarter campaign

Bracket was designed to solve our everyday cable hassle at the office. We do not believe that our situation is unique. We know that there is a lot of people out there just like us, therefore we decided to start Project Bracket - a Kickstarter campaign with the purpose of putting Bracket into production. We hope that you will follow us and support our Kickstarter journey, so life can get a little bit less complicated.

Team Bracket

Bracket is designed and developed at iDeal Development.
 iDeal Development, is an indie app consultant firm, where we design apps for the iPhone, Windows Phone and Android. Fortunately we can use a lot of our engineering and design expertise in this project too. To ensure the best conditions for Project Bracket we have gathered a great team of skilled people who complements us in the process.
We love coffee, gadgets and great design.

With love from Denmark

Bracket was conceived and designed in Aarhus, Denmark. Close to the Kattegat and known for it’s large university, art museum, viking settlements and smiling inhabitants. Project Bracket live in the downtown city centre, dating back to the late 14th century. And no, we do not have an affiliate agreement with the local tourist center. We just really like our city!

BYOC or get the Bracket Cable Pack

Bracket works with a flavor of different cables. Bring you own cables (BYOC) or get the Bracket Cable Pack. Bracket fits some of the most common Apple™ cables* and a number of third party cables. You can combine cables from the Bracket Cable Pack with the Apple ones as you please.
The Bracket Cable Pack consist of four quality cables:

  • 2 x Male Mini Display Port to male DVI, 2 m
  • 1 x Male USB to female USB, 20 cm
  • 1 x Male Stereo jack to female stereo jack, 20 cm
*) iPhone™ 5 USB (fall 2012 or newer), iPhone™ headphone Jack (fall 2012 or newer) MagSafe 2™ power adapter and Apple™ MiniDisplayPort to DVI or VGA. Apple™ Thunderbolt™ to FireWire™, Apple™ Thunderbolt™ to Thunderbolt™, Apple™ Thunderbolt™ to Ethernet.

No electronics
Pure aluminium

Bracket is precision CNC-machined from a single block of 6061-T6 A-Grade aluminium. 6061 aluminium was chosen due to it’s high tensile strength and durability. The precision of the machining is 0.01m - less then the thickness of a sheet of copy paper. The aluminium is bead blasted and anodized, and finally, The Bracket logo is engraved using a high power laser.

Print Bracket

Bracket is for everyone.
If you don't feel like getting the crisp Aluminium Bracket or are more into DIY, that's also okay. You can get the STEP files required to print Bracket here. And we won't even charge you (We would really like if you would spread the Bracket word though).
Happy Printing!

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